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Bearbeitet von Ogma: Destroyer of Worlds: 6/10/2023 3:34:23 PM

Feedback for the currently poor state of dungeons.

Dungeons feel like they’re being left behind in a way that makes them inconsistent with the rest of the game. Enough that they have become an outlier in being the only activity that doesn’t have some means to alleviate the unreasonable side of RNG. Once Garden of Salvation gets updated, dungeons will be the ONLY permanent activity in the game that lack both focusing AND crafting. “But they’re farmable” So are raids when they are the rotator and yet they have BOTH focusing AND crafting. This is a gross inconsistency that comes at the cost of player time and effort. The dungeon weapon chase does not respect either of those things. Let’s look at them individually: Shattered Throne - doesn’t have its own loot, weapons have not been updated to meet the current standard for endgame rewards Pit of Heresy - doesn’t have its own loot except for one weapon, has not been updated to meet the current standard for endgame rewards Prophecy - doesn’t have an exotic, weapons have not been updated to meet the current standard for endgame rewards Grasp of Avarice - weapons have not been updated to match the current standard of for endgame rewards The above dungeons have never been updated to have origin traits either. Duality - has two reissued weapons which are the ONLY two dungeon weapons that are craftable Spire of the Watcher - has two reissued weapons that are now in the world pool The first few dungeons have been completely left behind, and all dungeons seem to be arbitrarily excluded from the current standard for how players can chase specific rolls they want for weapons. Being helpless to improve your chances of getting what you want is not fun. Dungeons need the raid treatment, or they need at least ONE of focusing or crafting. Almost no one I run with wants to a dungeon beyond the first two weeks of launch. Almost no one I run with has more than 1 or 2 desired dungeon weapon rolls across all dungeons in the game. Running a dungeon 30 times at 3 encounters each and getting no rolls you want is to be disappointed 90 times in a row by a single activity, and that’s not even including secret chests. This is a fundamentally awful and unrewarding system. It’s just not fun. It’s a needlessly stingy slog.

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