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5/30/2023 4:29:25 PM

More legendary bows

I love bows in Destiny for both pve and pvp (though they could use a draw time buff for pvp since average ttk has dropped dramatically since the introduction of bows and they're falling behind, but that's a different topic). So, it makes me sad to realize just how few there are, and how little variety there are between them. Every other primary has multiple pages in collections, not bows. They just have 1. To top that off. There is not a single legendary bow that drops from dungeons. And only two from all the raids. I was really hoping this new dungeon would be the first, but unfortunately it was not. I also hoped to get a legendary bow from Iron banner with random rolls (point of the stag is fixed and from like year 2 or something), again, nothing. As a bow enthusiast, I just humbly request that more legendary bows be out into the game regularly and with a larger variety of perks specifically made for the bow. NOTE: this is referring to legendary bows, not exotics, which are a separate topic.

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