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Bearbeitet von Hunter: 5/14/2023 5:00:34 AM

Cannot acquire "Keep Out" Vault Challenge

As of May 13th, I did a last wish run with 3 others and 2 new players who had not done the raid before. I suggested that we try this weeks challenge at the vault encounter, and we had supposedly achieved it after 2 attempts. For some reason, I didn not get the challenge complete, while others did. Even the players who had never completed the raid before got it. I thought that there was a bounty that I might not have picked up from hawthorne, but after completing the raid, I saw for myself that no such bounty exists. I'm hoping this isn't a bug or maybe there was probably some weird issue with getting challenges on an older raid. Please give insight on how I can fix this. Fireteam: Hunter#8999 (me) MrLimy9131#5738 Storage#7483 Daft#5910 Laifu is Waifu#9954 (1st completion) rip#1221 (1st attempt + completion) I was able to check triumphs for 1 of the players who had his first completion and he had challenge completion for certain, but he had other runs so I couldn't be 100%. Addition: I was able to get rip's bungie id and low and behold he also got the challenge complete, with this run being his first and only attempt and completion. I rest my case.

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