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5/12/2023 4:16:18 AM

Crafted weapons need a nerf or adept weapons need a buff

So as the title states, crafting has gotten out of hand, it is the anti-looter shooter. However, the issue doesnt come from it existing, more as to how pinnacle gear is a joke in comparison. The latest entry of this was the impireal decree and astral horizon almost being a 1 to 1, in which due to enhanced perks Imperial beats horizon every time. To the team that handles such systems, I need you to ponder if these systems need readjusting. Either making craftable weapons have diminishing returns or making adepts have something beyond enhanced traits might work. The idea that adept weapons, like the timelost fate bringer with only 10 AE, are shells of what people can just craft is something thats started to become far too common for what is meant to be a system that helps one get a roll they want, against whats supposed to be pinnacle gear.

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