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5/5/2023 5:00:26 AM

Awesome that an idea of mine is being made reality (Threaded Specter)

Not asking for recognition or anything but I’m so excited we’re finally getting the hunter decoy. Back in year one I did a forum post for an hunter exotic helmet idea I called Veil Inherent, based off the idea of how the Taken Psions mitosis split — the exotic perk was called Slick Figure, a dodge making a decoy dodge in the opposite direction, and was based around having PVE functionality from a detonating decoy, and PVP use as a decoy as both hunter and decoy would be covered in taken energy (so an opponent wouldn’t know which way they dodged). It was definitely my biggest post ever and got the most likes and comments of any exotic idea I’ve posted. Only recently I tried to rework the idea into a new darkness subclass we would get in 2024 called phantasm (a red element based off pyramid / nightmare energy) in which the hunter subclass Fearmonger’s super I also called Veil Inherent: Veil Inherent — Hold to consume Super energy and release to send out up to 4 Phantasmal doppelgängers of yourself. These copies use your equipped weapons and abilities, and last until your Super energy is fully drained. Anyway, awesome that we’re getting the dodge hunter decoy after all this time!

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