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4/19/2023 4:44:12 PM

Countdown: Rush (Crucible Labs) - Feedback

Countdown: Rush is a mode with lots of potential. However, in my honest opinion it suffers from 2-3 major flaws. [b]1. Supers are waaaaaaaaaaaay too much of a game changer for both teams.[/b] [u]In my opinion, this problem can be solved in 3 ways:[/u] [b]Solution A:[/b] Super energy should only be granted on revives and objective play. Not from kills. A bad team with supers can turn things around [u]but are still defeat-able in ongoing rounds[/u]. A good team that slays out anyways becomes basically immortal with supers at disposal. This game mode is in its current testing state too competitive for a 6v6 mode. It needs to be more casual-friendly. And that means preventing to obtain additional tools like Supers by simply just killing opponents. Super energy should only be granted on team play, such as defending/defusing the bomb and reviving your allies. And since there are Revive tokens in the mode, the super energy can't be farmed from revives. [b]Solution B:[/b] Bombs have a [b]small[/b] Super-Supression/Deflection field around them to prevent Super-Snowballing in matches. Also here the reason is simple: Unfairness. Let us say for instance, the current match is on 5-5 of 6 points to win. The teams are equal in strength so the match-up is on a fair level. Team A places a bomb, team B prepares to rush. Team A has a Well of Radiance, team B has no super at all. Team A can easily defend the bomb because it is very, very hard to destroy a Well of Radiance when you get shot at with damage buffed bullets, team B has to take a loss because of Super Snowballing. Ergo, around Bombs there should be a Super-Suppression zone, to prevent win-trading/snowballing with supers like Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn. Also, that field should reduce Super projectile damage since ranged supers exist like Dawnblade, Blade Barrage, Nova Bomb, Golden Gun, Needlestorm, etc. Supers should be either completely counter-able or not present at all during a Bomb attack/defense. Otherwise they ruin the entire concept of playing Offense/Defense at all due to their presence/influence. [b]Solution C:[/b] Allow Suppression grenades and Nightstalker bows to affect Well of Radiance Sword for suppression for a short duration. I am not speaking about more than 5s of downtime after a suppression hit. But this alone could balance a lot out. A Nightstalker Anchor can be destroyed easily. Yet a Well of Radiance is much harder to destroy, due to several influences like of course players shooting at you, aim assistance dragging you off the Orb above it and such. Ward of Dawn on the other hand is easier to counter simply due to being able to get destroyed by gunfire. [b]2. Some maps have bad spawns for this mode[/b] This is of course completely depending on the rotation of spawns in the current match and the map itself. But very often you find yourself in the mode dying, respawning and then losing a bomb spot because you get spawned on the other side of the map. A practical solution would be to allow players to chose their respawn point, similar like the respawning selection worked in some Halo Reach game modes. By spectating the specific player before respawning (manually). Of course there would need to be limitations like not being able to spawn next to a player defending a bomb or defusing it or while in active combat with someone. [b]3. Please consider to make the bombs explosion to be a map-wide wipe[/b] I can see one purpose for the bomb killing also the offense players and that's one that benefits both offense and the defense players. Said reason is that the bomb killing all players in its radius resets the players to a fresh spawn respawn. In most matches I did play, the teams were either super crowded or constantly splitt apart playing their lone-wolf thing. So here my suggestion. IF the bombs would wipe players map-wide no matter the team, this could allow for a fresh team respawn without having to do rounds like in Rift where players get teleported back to spawn to respawn all at the same time. Of course, since Countdown doesn't count the deaths on the leaderboard, there is no need to worry about the KD/A or K/D. And the bombs could also be coded to not kill you in a way that counts on the stats. Just an interesting idea. That being said, I wonder where this mode goes in development.

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