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4/9/2023 11:59:46 PM

Prime gaming reward claim confusion

So i need to have things cleared out, in the past i've created Destiny 2 account (through steam) and linked it with prime gaming (but i've not created ingame character), and claimed Sunshot Exotic Bundle and some other bundles too(it wouldn't let me claim it without an account link, i can remember that). It says, to claim the reward i need: 1) Pick your platform and link your and Amazon Prime accounts. 2) Log into Destiny 2 and visit Master Rahool in the Tower to collect your Exotic gear drop. So i did only 1st stage, and on the prime gaming i got succesifull message (collected Feb 16, 2023). Fast forward to this day, i finally decided to play some of destiny, and it feels like my old account disappeared or what? Or how could i be able to get succesifull claim message back then? I used same steam account to log in bungie, got to my prime gaming reward tab and rechecked rewards and only now i see that the rewards i succesifully claimed back then actually were undelivered. wtf? And i remember it saying i need to claim it within a year from this vendor named "Master Rahool". I am very confused about whole situation. I had multiple bundles and they are all undelivered. That is very disappointing. And i dont understand what happened. The two main confusion points are: how could i claim rewards without creation of bungie account if it required me to; or how despite that i've created it my rewards just got eventually undelivered? Or where did my old account gone to? Like i really couldn't just create an account and recive my rewards? And shortly after just start to play an actual game, when i'd have the time? Great, i have no other words... at this point i just disappointed.

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