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3/28/2023 6:22:56 AM

Weapon bounties.

Tired of waiting for Banshee to sell you a weapon ? Tired of trying to get one of the new or a specific world drop weapon ? Well i got a solution, Weapon bounties. No not those that Banshee sell but a bounty like Destiny 1 has. A bounty that will give you a random weapon upon completing it. We had something similar before. Spiders bounties, these would reward you a random weapon before, we also had one for Black armory, but a more specific weapon. I would love to see either Banshee or Ada-1 sell these weapon bounties. It could either be in the style of Destiny 1, were you could choose a specific weapon type, ( Like auto rifle bounty ) or be a completely random weapon. Obviously not a Trials, Dungeon or Raid weapon. This would give us more to do and make us less frustrated trying to get a world drop loot or something like that. Ps: would love to see some sunsetted weapons in that list in their sunsetted version just because i like to finish my collection and also i would be interested in trying some of the ones i missed.

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