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3/26/2023 5:47:32 AM

Graviton lance bugged/under performance

Hi Guardians This is my first forum post so I’m sorry if I mess up on the post but I wanted to make it hopes of getting this weapon fixed. I had just recently received the catalyst for the Graviton lance and decided to give a try after so long and let’s just say it’s very…lacking to say the least. The exotic perk specifically, when you get a kill there’s a void explosion and a tracking void orb that’s supposed to spawn. Well when you get a kill half the time I feel as though doesn’t activate or activates late I’ve noticed and when it does activate the “ void explosion” doesn't really hit anything and the tracking orb is janky. For it being a exotic I would love for it to be little bit more useful and consistent the flat damage is good just the exotic perk needs fixed/ reworked bad. Tell me your thoughts on it guardians and thank you for reading!

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