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Bearbeitet von Toxagon: 3/21/2023 8:08:52 PM

Why do Trials cards still expire after reset?

With the newly implemented engram focusing system, I see no reason anymore for 7 win cards to expire after the weekly reset. It would make more sense to let it stay in our inventory until the next week of trials shows up, then it can be automatically reset. Or at the very least put a VISIBLE 1-2 day expire timer on it. As it is now, not only do we lose out on playing 1 extra match, but we also lose out on the guaranteed engram turn-in. I had both my teammates quit on me, while we were ahead 4-3 just so they could go turn in their engram to the tower. It's extremely frustrating and it needs to be changed. It would make for a good quality of life change.

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