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3/13/2023 7:16:28 PM

Weapon & Partial Ghost Mods not Available after Guardian Rank 1-6.

Hi, Weapon mods are not available to any new player that ranks up from the start of the game (rank 1) till rank 6. Going onto rank 7, still no weapon mods available. Ghost mods are there, but partially available compared to other players who played before the update. There's limited xp boost mods on ghost (only up to 5 points ghost drain, needs to be up to 6 with striking light). There's no stat-specific armorer mod, nor is there any specific playlist mod that grants extra legendary shards or enhancement cores, only the ones with extra legendary gear. There's limited glimmer boosts, that only go up to 4 points ghost drain, needs to be up to 6 with Ultimate Glimmer Booster There's no cache or chest detector mods available on the ghost either. There's no armor surge mods that are supposed to be unlocked in Guardian Rank 6 doing nightfall completions. All activities have been done, every requirement from guardian rank 1 to 6 have been done fully and have hit cap of 1780. There's still nothing unlocked on my end.

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