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Bearbeitet von Zenith Guardian: 2/14/2023 3:40:38 PM

Exotic Mission Rotation? Why not just let me choose?

Ehh, -blam!- cares


Yes, let me choose


No, Bungie should have a rotation


Why? What if I just want to play Seraph's Shield for fun ... or Presage ... I like Presage. I log on and want play this mission with new build but can't because ... why? If you're suggesting a weekly reward tied to the mission and people would just choose the shortest in a 'Lake of Shadows' style, why not have the reward tied to the weekly mission but allow us to play the others. I know in the grand scheme of things it's not huge ... but why ... I just want play Presage. What do you think? (Context for consideration: I still often revisit Witch Queen Legendary Campaign for fun and play a couple missions a week when I do, usually the same ones I find most enjoyable. I don't do this with other campaigns because 1- weekly rotation, 2- too easy) Edit: censored word in poll was 'w h o'

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