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Bearbeitet von TCOOPS16: 2/8/2023 2:19:15 AM

Prime Gaming Content not available.

I've been trying to claim the Prime Gaming rewards for months. When I got to Amanda Holliday in the tower hangar, they did not show up. The cursor makes a sound like an item is there, and it just hasn't visually loaded in yet. But it remains empty. I left the screen idle for almost 15 minutes, and nothing loaded in. This has happened on both The Epic Games Store version and the PS5 version of the game. My rewards did show up once, and I was able to collect a few items before the screen went back to its empty state. I would understand If I cannot claim any rewards that are over a year old, that is perfectly fine by me. But I claimed the Selfie Exotic Bundle on January 4, 2023 on the Prime Gaming website, and cannot claim it in the game. My Steam account is technically my active account, but I uninstalled it when the EGS version was released to claim the 30th-anniversary items (Which is shown to be active for EGS on my Cross-save list). My Amazon (Prime) & Twitch accounts are all connected to my Bungie account. Again, I understand if I can't claim an expired reward, but I want to be able to resolve this issue for the items I claimed for January, and any future rewards that may become available.

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