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Bearbeitet von Ogma: Destroyer of Worlds: 2/6/2023 8:21:18 PM

Weekly reminder that dungeons have been left behind.

They are the only activity without an RNG safety net except for vanguard ops, which is getting one come Lightfall. Dungeons desperately need focusing or crafting. Focusing with regular umbrals is not an unreasonable request. Crafting without a chest to focus so that it’s just red border RNG is not an unreasonable request(Duality has two weapons already like this). Being able to see even the slightest progress toward getting what you’re going for or having even the smallest amount of control over what you’re going for feels SO much better than blind luck runs with zero control over the results. I see no point in paying for access to an activity that has been unrewarding at least 95% of the time for a year and a half now. Feeling accomplished > getting lucky. Every time.

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