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Iron Banner and Matchmaking

So, a couple of TWABs ago you said that you were making matchmaking in respect to fireteam sizes, and your end goal was to remove the freelance node across the game. Well you've accomplished that at the cost of Solo players. For every game of IB this week I have played, it has been at least two three-stacks, a couple of two-stacks, and one or two solos to fill in the gaps. I have been that solo player everytime and I hate it. I hate the fact that your punishing solos because we don't want to team up for pvp, or don't have friends to team up with. I hate that when going into the match it's guaranteed that the stacks are going to coordinate and leave the solos to try and adjust against the enemy team-shooting. Why can't the solo players be weighted to play against other solos?

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