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ursprünglich gepostet in: COD MW2
1/26/2023 12:20:15 AM
Showcase: 1 stronghold-boss (DMZ) card 10 operator kills (DMZ) card 1000 A.I. kills (DMZ) card 25 exfils (DMZ) card Guns: I like dropping in with no guns, a stim, a thermite, and an ammo box or battle rage. Tactics: (Lack thereof) I go to get a few more contraband guns or to purposefully try to hunt people, usually failing, but sometimes I kill the unsuspecting person or team. I also like doing dumb crap to summon a helicopter boss. The Shenanigans: One time I used the Kastov 74u and only a one-plate vest to kill a guy trying to exfil, I killed him in the helo and took all his money and his two-plate, he was so mad I couldn't stop laughing. Another time I beat a two player team, no I literally beat them both to death, with melee, it was wild. I was on the exfil-helo with a contraband Vel-46, I had no money, loot, armor, or gold. Someone boarded and killed me. I hope they realized it didn't help them any, it was kinda funny, he literally gained nothing from me. I will purposefully equip my M13 in hopes that someone kills me and gets an easier M13, just don't let me shoot you first.

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