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1/13/2023 2:31:46 AM
Standard Strikes (both within the Vanguard Playlist or when chosen individually) have Matchmaking enabled by default. Playstation users have the ability to change their system clock to load into solo Strikes, but that does you little good on the PC. The Fireteam Privacy setting (under Roster Preferences) allows you exert control over which sort of players can opt join your fireteam without an express invite from you; switching this to [b]Closed[/b] means no player will be able to select your name from a list and join your fireteam of their [i]own volition[/i]. The opposite end of the spectrum for this setting is [b]Public[/b], which would allow [u]anyone[/u] to see your name in the Roster menu and join your fireteam without permission so long as there are open slots available. Setting Fireteam Privacy to closed [u]does not[/u] prevent players from being grouped with you in Matchmade activities however, as the game director actively fills empty Fireteam slots from a list of players who have queued up for the activity. Ultimately this leaves you with a few options to try to get these bounties completed, • Be Faster: Outpace your Matchmade Fireteam to get the kills necessary. • Be Diplomatic: Find a group of friends or use the fireteam finder to set up a group of like-minded players who are willing to slow down to ensure you have an opportunity to complete your bounties. • Be Daring: It is true that Matchmaking for [i]standard[/i] Strikes cannot be avoided, so don’t try to complete bounties in [b]standard[/b] Strikes. Opt instead for Nightfall Strikes and choose a difficulty that has Matchmaking set to OFF (Legend or Master). The enemies will be tougher, you will have to deal with a variety of Modifiers and will have to exit the activity and start anew to change your equipment, but you will have the Strike all to yourself if that is what you choose. (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)

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