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Bearbeitet von xzRAULzx: 1/13/2023 7:43:25 PM

Revision Zero Quest Bugged

My revision zero quest bugged at 7/8 when it asks me to shape the weapon at mars. I have shaped it 6 times now (in the video linked was the 6th) and even reshaped one of them and the quest just don't progress. I already did it with 2 different guardians, quited and launched the game again, abandoned the quest and got it again, but nothing seems to work. I would love to get some help P.s.: What my have caused the bug is the fact that I reshaped the weapon I got from the mission before (and instead) of getting it pattern and shaping it again. Edit: To anyone who finds this post and has the same issue, I finally fixed it by equipping a crafted Revision Zero in my kinect slot and then crafting a kinect weapon (anyone may work, but by guarantee, I shaped Empirical Evidence). (The game is back to my original language in the images)

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