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12/21/2022 3:06:02 AM
For everyone else having the issue, I found that someone posted a alleged workaround to this issue in another thread (credit to the original author; I can’t find the forum post anymore) If you have not played the Hierarchy mission on one of your other characters yet: 1. Login to Destiny on that character. If you’re pulled directly into the cutscene upon login, then it should work for them. 2. Have a friend join your fire team, then make them the leader. 3. Leave the fireteam, log in with your bugged character then join your friend, who should still be in the mission. 4. Complete the mission, and apparently it will force the Vendor to give you the quest. Unfortunately I have already acquired the quest on my Titan and Warlock, so I cannot test this for myself, but I just wanted to share in case anyone else can try it.

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