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12/19/2022 8:02:00 PM

Cannot Obtain Season 19 "More Than A Weapon" Quest (3 weeks)

[u][b]It has been three weeks since Season 19 launched, and I still cannot obtain the "More Than A Weapon" Quest on my Hunter only. [/b][/u] I have launched the Hierarchy mission from Europa and completed it multiple times, but once I am returned to the HELM, the exo frame does not offer the seasonal quest. His inventory just opens as if I already have the quest. Without the quest, I cannot progress the story, nor can I play the seasonal activities (heists, etc.).[b] My inventory is not full, nor are my bounties or quests, and the Quest Archive is empty[/b]. I own the season pass (WQ Deluxe), and it works fine on my Titan and Warlock. In my first login this season on my hunter, I was not automatically put into the cutscene or mission. I instead have to launch it from Europa manually. My Titan and Warlock both were automatically launched into it and were both given the quest afterwards. My hunter does have the seasonal artifact since my other characters have it, but there is no seasonal quest available. [b]There have been multiple posts about this but it is still not resolved.[/b] Bungie only responded to one post, saying to go to the holoprojector next. The holoprojector is NOT available without the "More Than A Weapon" quest. I tried submitting a ticket to the Eververse ticket system (since I've paid for this season, but can't play it), and my ticket was marked "Solved" with no response. This is extremely frustrating, especially with no response from bungie after multiple attempts.

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