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12/15/2022 2:36:37 AM

Promethium Spur needs another rework

This exotic is currently very hard to work with. Because any kill consumes the rift, using this exotic becomes a game of making sure you don't kill the wrong enemy, and playing a shooter like that, where you have to not kill enemies, isn't fun. A simple rework would be to flip the final blow types that create the rift. Right now, any kill creates a rift and solar kills in the rift regenerate it. I think, at the very least, this should be reversed. If only solar weapon kills can create the double rift, it becomes a much easier effect to control, and then having any kind of kills in the rift regenerate rift energy would be nice, though perhaps this can stay solar. Additionally, some time in the past two seasons this exotic was stealth nerfed/fixed. At one point after Solar 3.0 you could equip Phoenix Dive as your class ability but still create rifts when class energy was full. I think this nerf/fix should be reverted, as it gave some uniqueness to the exotic and caused no harm. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk. I will now return from whence I came.

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