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12/8/2022 5:37:32 PM

Season Pass Ornaments and Xur

Hi, I was wondering if Xur would ever sell season pass ornaments? I saw the old Season of the Worthy armor set in a flashback scene for the current season and it got me thinking if Bungie would be able to bring some of these sets back. At least sell them in the Eververse store. I understand that you had to be there to earn it but, I was there, sometimes, I was really busy that season. As majority of you probably know, it can be difficult to play this game without breaks. If Xur doesn't sell them I would still like to pay for the set with silver. I mean it's already in the database, just have to put it back in the game and make some money. It's the best time to sell Season of the Worthy gear, during this season. It's no secret that players are starting to dwindle but maybe selling gear players missed out on might make them feel much more included. Bungie, if you do read this, I think this is a good way to go and I would love to grab that Valkryian set for my Warlock. I would love to "Make your guardian screenshot ready" but I cant without that chest piece. I need you Bungie. <3

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