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12/7/2022 9:32:28 PM

Missing Solstice '22 Armor from Appearance Customization as of Seraph Season launch

As of this week's new season, the solstice '22 armor is not visible on any of my characters under appearance customization windows. I have (and can still see) the entire set on all 3 classes in collections; they show as earned. None of the pieces I used to check the customization tab were solstice pieces themselves. There are several pieces I had unlocked to use in various builds that are still saved via DIM appearances but are greyed out as not available as of yesterday. Pieces that were still locked for threader purchase are also not visible. I've seen a few posts on Reddit about it, and some other areas here, but I haven't noticed this bug on the official list (I know it's not exhaustive) nor discussed officially on twitter, so posting for greater visibility and info.

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