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11/26/2022 3:58:01 PM

⸸ Join The Unholy Union! ⸸

⸸ [u]The Unholy Union![/u] ⸸ [i]"If thou hast eyes to see the glory of The Unholy Union, but cannot, then pluck them out."[/i] [i]We're currently looking for more [b]ACTIVE 1585+[/b] members to run more raids & dungeons throughout the week.[/i] We're a semi-casual multi-game Guild. We welcome friendly & helpful players of all Light Levels & competitive players as well. We run raids & endgame activities frequently, so 1585+ is needed for those. I founded The U.U. in 2001 in other games with a friend. We have a Discord but it's not required to join. But we also use the D2 Companion app to communicate frequently. [u][i]Requirements[/i][/u] • Be active daily/weekly. Our purpose is to grow and contribute to the clan collectively. Life always comes first, but very inactive members with no communication of extended inactivity will be removed. • Be helpful & respectful to everyone inside & outside of the clan. No hate speech! We want Allies not enemies. • Must have a reliable method of communication for Raids or other activities if requested by your Fireteam. • We're an 18+ community. • All ranks, light levels, & classes are welcome. As long as you meet the previous requirements, adhere to Bungie & Discord ToS, & The U.U. rules. • Primarily NA, but EU, AUS, Asia, RU, & CN are welcome as long as you can communicate in English.

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