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Bearbeitet von Talia Sendua: 10/9/2022 11:32:48 AM

Control DESPERATELY needs map voting if SBMM is meant to succeed more as populated "starter" playlist

People will not play control often if they are forced to play BOTH against equal opponents AND on maps they are bad at or absolutely dislike. We need map voting to ease that frustration-factor. Others (for example) love Wormhaven, I absolutely hate the map. And I can't leave the match because I get penalties otherwise. So I am forced to play on a map I hate against opponents of equal level that very likely love to play on that map and therefore play better than me due to their mindset and experience. Now imagine the situation for a New Light player. Sometimes they will play on maps they are comfortable with and sometimes they will play on maps they never set foot on due to the RNG nature of the map selector. That means, instead of being able to vote directly for the maps they like or never played on, they have to rely on RNG luck to gain new experience or improve already existing experience. And that takes longer than it should if the player has no control over... well control itself. Edit: Also, add a "randomize button" if the maps in the available pool (I assume its 3 like in Halo games) is not liked by any player in the lobby. Besides those player experience reasons, having no map voting these days is kind of a certificate of inadequacy.

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