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9/26/2022 9:02:59 PM

2,000 Silver Giveaway in AE Discord!!!! AE is now recruiting XBX and PC guardians!

Anyone like free Silver? AE are giving away 1,000 Silver to a random guardian who joins the discord and clicks on the giveaway button!! As a casual clan that plays both PVE and PVP, we are always down to help peeps with any challenges they might have for weekly missions, raids or Trials. Never done or completed a raid? Join one of the Sherpa raids and we can change that. We joke around a lot on discord and have a great time playing together. We currently have about 10 spots left after doing a roster clean out from players who went over a month without logging in. If this sounds like something you are looking for, join up and have fun! Basic Requirements: • Be ACTIVE on Discord • North American members preferred, but we do have some EU members • 18 and over • Must have the newest expansion and light level above 1550. • Have some thick skin. We joke around a lot. Check out our #Destiny2 clan! Thanks, Admin Team

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