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Small close knit family oriented clan looking for more members!

[u][b]The Warmindz Destiny 2 Clan is recruiting![/b][/u] We are seeking active 18+ members who have an interest in all aspects of the game, especially Raids! We are looking to form multiple raid teams who are [u]mature, consistent, and reliable[/u]! We have been a small clan for some time now but with the coming expansion Lightfall, we felt it was a perfect opportunity to find some new members! Currently we have returning veterans, along with long time players who are experienced with all current available raids. We have a discord equipped with the Charlemagne bot, which posts daily reset vendors such as Banshee/Ada-1, as well as all current news from Bungie. We are [u][b]NOT[/b][/u] the type of clan that requires you to dedicate your life to the game. Nor are we one of those overpacked “mega clans”. Above all, our members are fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers, and we like it that way. We understand that the outside world comes first, and we look at each of our members as friends and family. We try to schedule our raid times around what is best for everyone involved. We have daily players who are more than willing to help you get caught up if you're a returning player as well. [u][b]Our only requirements are:[/b][/u] 1.) Be FAIRLY active within the frame of 3 months. After 90 days we do a removal of inactive members. We have our discord so just let one of the admins know if something comes up that will take more time, we’re understanding to circumstances outside of your control, and everyone needs a break here and there. 2.) Participate! Whether that is in raids, nightfalls, crucible, gambit, or just talking with everyone in clan chat! 3.) Be excellent to each other! Not everyone has experienced all this game has to offer and so you may encounter members who need help or coaching! 4.) [b]Join the Discord[/b]. The app is free on your phone or pc and doesn't take much space or resources. We are moving towards using discord more for organizing raids and events. Feel free to message me here, discord, steam, or xbox if you have any questions! Discord name: FromDaKosmos#7788 Xbox name: FromDaKosmos Steam name: FromDaKosmos Bungie ID:FromDaKosmos#9631 The Light shaped us to be all-seeing saviors...while the Vanguard sought to wield us as primitive weapons. But today, that ends, and we define the reality of our own existence. Our sight will stretch to the edge of this system and beyond. Never again will a threat go unseen. From this day forward, we will defend humanity on our own terms. We are Rasputin. Guardians of all we survey. We have no equal. Discord invite link:

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