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8/15/2022 8:25:12 PM

Please fix the Amanda Holliday Prime Rewards redemption glitch!!! Suggestions inside.

This is my second post about this and there are posts from MANY others dating back a few years. If you let Prime Rewards stack up, you no longer have the ability to claim them in game...ever. You can see everything you have available to claim in the Companion app and all 3rd party apps, but the tab at Amanda shows blank space with a glitched clicking sound constantly playing. Seems like the easiest possible solutions are: 1. Add "down/up" arrows to change pages on the Prime Rewards tab UI at Amanda so that the game doesn't try to cram everything in 1 page and therefore display nothing but bugged blank space. Almost all vendor UI menus have a left and right arrow that's functional. I don't see why up and down arrows would be any different or require a ton of extra work to make functional. 2. Add the ability to claim these rewards, even if it's straight to Collections, without going to Amanda in game. Through the Companion app makes the most sense. With literally everything else in this game revolving around consistently playing and/or spending currency (silver or bright dust), it would be nice to have these freebie things actually work for the player base.
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