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8/15/2022 7:06:50 PM

Looking for active and friendly guardians. [All Platforms]

Hello Guardians. Sheidheda is looking to recruit some new people into the clan. We are just a bunch of gamers who just want to have fun with each other. Whether you want PVE, PVP, raids or strikes, we would love for you to join us. I am looking for more guardians who like the challenge of raids and competitive crucible, being Trials and Iron Banner. I'm also looking for guardians who like to help others through raids. Bolstering up our clan means more and more getting involved and taking on the tougher side of Destiny. We an active and efficient clan, but due to content drought and other games we have suffered like most clans have, and lost a large number of members, we are hoping to rise from the ashes. Our main focus is helping each other and to have everyone included. Our members range in age and all skill levels. We have members on all platforms. We ask but a few simple rules: Please be mature If you're in a fireteam with clan mates, don't kick each other. Agree to disban. If you have the I'm better than you ego ,that will not be tolerated and you will be gone no questions asked. Happy Hunting Guardians

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