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5/18/2022 6:21:50 AM

A Proposed, Conservative, Gjallarhorn Nerf

Gjallarhorn owns Gambit, and for good reason. Its add clear and burst damage is impressive, great for scoring wins. We don’t need to touch that, that does not need a nerf, that is not why people complain about Gjallarhorn. Gjallarhorn is too much in Gambit because of how easy it is to get invasion/counter-invasion kills, by nature of how uncounterable it is for a majority of players. It’s not clear whether this is intentional, but Gjallarhorn is incredibly quiet when fired by enemy players. This is annoying but you can work around this; however, it is also paired with a second factor that sends it over the top. Gjallarhorn rockets have [b]no visual telegraphing[/b] when faced in the [i]generally[/i] opposite direction the rocket is traveling. In other words, when you are the imminent victim of a Gjally rocket, you do not know you are under threat. Unlike other rockets, there is no bright visual effect telegraphing a rocket’s approach. This means a victim of a Gjallarhorn rocket has no way of knowing they have been shot at… until they are splashed by the rocket and die. When someone dies to a Gjallarhorn rocket, their reaction is not “blast, I couldn’t avoid it in time!” Their real reaction is “where the heck did that come from?!” This is a sign of a fundamental core issue. It is impossible to meaningfully counteract a Gjallarhorn invader when you do not know when you are being shot at, and where the rocket is. When a player dies to Gjallarhorn, it should not be a jump scare! Gjallarhorn should not be the stealthiest weapon to invade with, it’s the biggest baddest Rocket Launcher in Destiny! Other powerful invasion weapons such as Izanagi’s Burden, Sleeper Simulant, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers are not seen nearly as often compared to Gjallarhorn because these weapons have meaningful counterplay. Izanagi is slow to prepare. Sleeper is slow to fire. Snipers are prone to flinch, uncomfortable up close, and have a bright light telegraphing their location. Rockets can be seen in flight, heard across the map, and do not track at all or as aggressively. Giving Gjallarhorn clear indicators of use- and thus counterplay- like every other rocket launcher in the game would see its ease of use fall in line with other weapons. Also take away its innate Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, proximity detonations only hurt Gjally’s DPS and it’s easy to use as-is. Let Truth have just one niche. tl;dr Gjallarhorn needs to be louder for enemy hearing, the rockets need to be seen in-flight with bright visuals, and proximity detonations are unnecessary.

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