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5/6/2022 8:17:13 PM

Chain of Souls PS/Xbox Clan 25+

Chain of Souls 25 and older clan...come check us out...Playstation/Xbox We are a laid back clan that of course enjoys playing Destiny. Even though we are laid back we do push for the end game content.  Let's be real..WE PLAY TO KICK A$$ AND BEAT THE GAME..otherwise why play. We want players who want to have fun and are also willing to help out their fellow clan mates to achieve goals and enjoy the Destiny experience.  We want players who will do the end game content or who want to learn the end game content. WE WILL TEACH YOU...that is the whole point of being in a clan. We have a few rules: Rule 1:  HAVE FUN!!! Rule2:  Download Discord Rule 3:  HAVE FUN!!! Rule 4:  Friend your ADMINS we will help you get involved in the clan Rule 5: HAVE FUN!!! Plain and simple rules LOL

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