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Photosensitivity Problem - HDR

I’ve noticed a problem with HDR that not a lot of people are mentioning and I suspect it could cause those with photosensitivity issues some distress. This is replicated by having HDR on and particularly noticeable on Nessus and the Throne World. Go to Nessus and pop a Warlock healing or empowering rift. Look to the sky. First of all, the initial flash of the ability is too bright and causes the sky to change colour due to the on screen haze. You can continue to inspect the sky’s strange colour by standing in the rift. It’s far too bright and no tweaks to the dark levels/nits fix it. This type of issue can be seen across most abilities such as a Titan barricade flash or general explosions throughout the game. They cause severe flashes on the screen and continue to impact the colour of the game world when there’s a lingering effect. Again, I have tried tweaking all settings to no avail. All testing performed with HDR on using PS5. Currently, only way to avoid this is to turn off HDR

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