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Bearbeitet von Snowshill: 2/25/2022 9:37:27 PM

The Glave

I am writting this as there are a number of issues with the glave that need addressing; First let me say the glave is very fun to use the melee animations are smooth, the range skill shot is interesting and the shield is a invaluable tool when used well. But this is where the good ends as there are a large number of issues with its effectivness and perks not working correctly, as a weapon on its own it is ok but as it does not work with any exotic its lacking impact and build synergy this can easily be addressed if the melee of the glave were to be effected by melee exotics such as synthoscepts, lyers handshake, and necrotic grips as some examples. The glaves perks do not work atall or only wek soem of the time e.g. the graverobber perk which bungi are aware of as note in known issues, but the thresh perk also is not working or only working soem of the time both for the melee and range attack. other perks also have this issue such as those that increase range not effecting damage falloff. In reguards to pvp it is definately going to see a spike in useage early on but as it is a skill shot type range attack the lack of damage and its poor ammo economy it will end up seeing little or no use sooner rather than later, I understand the utility asect of the shield likely needs the weapons damage to be low but this can be fixed if the glaves melee worked with exotics and not make it to oppressive or over powered. I realy enjoy the glave but as it stands it is in need of some tweaks to compeat and work correctly.

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