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Solo player? Returning player? New player? Come be a part of the village and let us help you! (Crossplay, gamechat, international)

Come join the Village Hidden in the Light and find your place amongst the destiny community. Looking for a fun clan that is diverse and inclusive? Here at the Village, we strive to help everyone we can from teaching raids to teaching simpler stuff for returning players. We keep the atmosphere fun and light while still having a serious undertone. Tired of playing alone?? We know this feeling all to well that is why we are an international clan! We have people in all time zones so usually finding someone to play with is no issue at all. Very active with something always going on we also organize teaching runs. Due to the helpful ticket system we have its easy to keep track of request so no one goes without HELP!!! We run regularly scheduled raids and often have our own PvP events. With a love of destiny and anime amongst other things this group of players have been amazing at helping the community. Come join us and be apart of something bigger than just a clan come be part of a family!! A link to our Clan page You can submit a request to be added to the clan here A link to our Discord We allow visitors that are currently happy in their clan to join us. We are always looking for friendly people and other clans to collaborate with. Think you have what it takes to become a ninja of the light? Contact us today and find out more!

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