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12/10/2021 4:15:02 PM

Promethium Spur are janky and need a change

While the change to them have given them a little more usefulness, I don’t think it hits the mark for a good exotic. In my experience and analysis, the issue with them is a lack of control. Promethium Spur do not feel like they can be used, but instead are running a mini-game in the background that you have to go out of your way to make useful. The issue I have is not with the in-super ability or the solar kill rift energy generation, but with final blows that create rifts. Because any final blow can create the double rift, it can be hard to control their usage. Long range weapons are out of the picture, since getting a kill with them may cause you to waste your rift charge. Additionally, you can end up wasting the rift by simply killing the last enemy in a room, and this does not seem right. Someone may push back by arguing that I should be mindful of my timers, I should avoid completely charging my rift, or should not kill the enemy, but telling me to basically not play the game to best control the exotic perk is a bad solution. Thus, I have a couple ideas that could make the rift generation easier to control Solution 1: Simply make multi-rifts spawn on solar final blows only, not any final blow. This allows for complete control over when and where the rift spawns and allow the player to clear minions without fear of wasting an ability accidentally. It also leans into its Solar aesthetic. It does not specifically solve the issue of rifts spawning to far away, but indirectly lessens the problem. Solution 2: Make the rifts spawn under the player, not at enemy location. This prevents the multi-rifts from being out of reach and therefore wasted. However, it does not solve the random spawning issue. Solution 3: Promethium spur now grants two rift charges, and final blows only spawn multi-rifts when both charges are full and consumes both. This somewhat solves the problem of control over the exotic, but accidental rift usage may still happen. The trade off is a second rift charge, which is powerful in its own right. Personally I prefer solution 1, and perhaps a combination of solutions 1 and 2 could work. But those are just my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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