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5/17/2021 9:01:05 PM

5/17/21 - Weekly Reminder To Hail HYDRA!

*Builds new porch* Good afternoon and hail HYDRA. Last weekend was Sin's senior prom, and the op to secure a date for her ended in complete failure. Winter Soldier was able to resist the mind controlling broadcast and beat our strike team into submission, forcing a hasty retreat. Enraged at Skull Team 6's incompetence, Sin murdered HYDRA's entire accounting department. To quell his daughter's fiery temper, Red Skull had one of his old SS comrade's unattractive grandson to be her date. You win this time, SHIELD! In other news the annual HYDRA Youth Picnic will be held this Friday from 2:00 to 8:00 PM at Oglebay Resort and Conference Center in Wheeling, WV. Free food and mandatory psychomatic indoctrination for all who attend! Be there or be square. Next Monday is Porch Day for Offtopic. All personnel are expected to have freshly furnished porches ready and make shitposts all day. Crossbones is still in recovery from being thrown down an elevator shaft. That is all for this week. Strap on your jackboots and start goosestepping! It's Monday! [T]7 [T]/ [i][b] HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b][/i]

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