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Bearbeitet von Twizz: 3/13/2021 10:05:23 AM

Temporary band-aid for cheaters.... idea ( Not a negative post )

If we are not going to take the cheating issue seriously at all, can we at least get a block player function in the game so we don't run into them ever again? It's a system that is in many games, but I believe it is done the absolute best in Overwatch. In Overwatch, if you run into a cheater yes it is frustrating but you can always rest easy knowing that you can report them and block them never seeing them again..... until they get banned and buy another account because they don't IP ban or HID Ban, but that's getting off-topic. I feel this would be a sorta quick band-aid fix and would allow Bungie to flag accounts with a lot of player blocks. I would love to hear some Ideas added on if there are any. ✌ - Twizz

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