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Bearbeitet von InfamousKoko: 2/14/2021 9:23:23 PM

No more kinetic warmind weapons after season 13

With Season 13's powercap reaching 1310, we are currently on the final season before Seventh Seraph weapons are sunset. That leaves us without ANY Kinetic weapons that can generate warmind cells. I currently use a Seraph Carbine but after this season, I'll be forced to ditch the Kinetic slot all together and use an energy warmind weapon if I want to keep using warmind cells. Bungie needs to add a new/recycle a kinetic warmind weapon or add some sort of mod that makes kinetic weapons compatible with warmind cell mods. EDIT: I am aware that the Solar Splash damage warmind mod can solve this problem with certain weapons but I don't have that specific mod since Banshee hasn't sold it afaik 😭

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