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Bearbeitet von TheHero: 2/11/2021 10:49:40 AM

Targeting Mod Missing: No more Handcannon Targeting Mod available in Season of the Chosen

As in Title ... There is no Handcannon Targeting Mod anymore which you can socket into your Helm anymore. Last Season of the Hunt we had the Mod from the Artefact for one Energy Cost and the standard for 5 energy. That Standard Targeting Mod is now unavailable to activate. Its just not seen in the Helm there. Obviously the Mod is in your collection of all Mods listed. But you cant use it because it wont show on any Helm you want to use. So big problem here for us Keyboard mouse players. No more Quick aim.down-sights, no more accuracy, no more better Target acquisition. That and the change to have more recoil on K/M users weapons plus incoming flood of console players will bring a big difference in META of using Handcannons or not.

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