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11/20/2020 4:43:51 PM

In the mists of Dawn, the Riders of the end returned... [OFFTOPOCALYPSE RP MEGATHREAD]

[spoiler]SURPRISE SURPRISE OFFTOPICKLES!!![/spoiler] In the Darkness they came, melting from the shadows and bursting forth from the earth, The Queen Death Nil resplendent in icy and nebulous attire and riding a pale horse, The Wicked and winding Pestilence; Virus, millions of eyes gazing as one; Gluttonous Famine, Speaker with eyes of Dark fire, and the flame-wreathed form of the Chaotic Sentient Toaster; War embodied. As they gathered, Famine spoke first… “Friendsss… It seems these beings have forgotten us… new generations are rising, and I am hungry once again” his widening grin was like a blade, and his black veined face seemed to shift as he spoke “Yes, Famine, I do believe we are overdue, and my reach has… diminished, of late” Pestilence spoke with the voice of thousands and a hunger to rival even Famine, as his eye swiveled between the three of them. “It has been far too long" “when, when, when, when??? There must be fire, and fury! There must be jack in the boxes with wicked surprises and armies of robots frying the Land!!!” The Aspect of War was foaming with rage, his wired innards glowed with hot fury. “Now, now War;” Death said as she stroked the Frost Spider resting on her cold ghostly arm “there is plenty of time” She crooned with a half giggle - half cackle “like the graves embrace; our arrival was inevitable” Death was cool and collected, and like a spider minding her web. The mists swirled around her and where she began and the fog ended was a mystery. “Do not be worrysome, War… for the time is now,” Striking the ground, Speaker summoned the rot of an army bred to consume, like fungus they grew and then formed into wretched ranks behind them, "and what will you do, my friends? shall we ride together?" The others signaled their assent; as they schemed their own plots The army of the offtopocalypse marched on the city, and the riders separated... Alarm bells and sirens emanated from the walls, and the army of rot charged the gates... [quote]Welcome to the Offtopocalypse Megathread! An army of consuming beastlike fungal horrors are charging the city! The Four Riders of the Offtopocalypse; Death, Pestilence, War and Famine; are commanding the foul ranks. If you wish to do battle with the Avatars of the End, or the fungal horrors that are attacking the gates it is up to you! All four riders are present for the battle in this Thread, and the potential to encounter any of them is possible! Remember the RP commandments! AND HAVE FUN![/quote]

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