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Liquid Skies Community/350+ members N O W R E C R U I T I N G We are an Established Active Destiny 2 Community on Xbox One. Join a community, Liquid Skies community . An alliance of united clans: Liquid Skies Elite Division Elite Skies Liquid. Liquidate Very active and friendly Xbox One clans with over 350+ members in the same family community, all our united clans sharing one community discord channel. We also have special guests in our discord with plenty of help and tips for players on twitch tv like our special friend Quokah. Cross clan play is supported between clans, always members to team up with, lots of help and experience here. We are from the England and United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa. Ages from 16-50, we team up, we make friendships. We play all content from PvP to Pve, Survival to Raids. Members with various seals, raid completions and legend ranks. A place to bring your game forward and have fun. We follow good gaming codes and include everyone regardless of stats. A genuine community, free from toxicity where everyone is treated equal, girls and boys! We are proud of our clans unified community that we have built up and we always strive to keep it fun for everyone. Liquid Skies / DragunityJosh16 Elite Division / playboie89gif Elite Skies / MPT ELITE Liquid. / mixitup1 Liquidate / Ranger6455 One fantastic Destiny 2 Community. Please message any of the above clan founders for a clan invite. We are more than just one clan, we are a community of clans. Thankyou Mix Liquid Skies Community❤️

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