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5/2/2020 6:02:57 AM

Nightstalker new possible abilities or exotic perks

Always think Nightstalkers get the least love of the hunters. Only one not to have a OHK ability, and the invisibility isn’t as good as marauders even though it’s the main ability for them. Tether is always a help, but the rest of one’s nightstalking seems to only be about getting your super ASAP. Here are some ideas I had for new abilities or exotic perks that could make it more interesting: Voidwall Cage: Voidwall grenades creates a circle of burning Void Light that remains as long as there is an enemy inside. Spike Lance: Spike grenades attach to enemies and emit a torrent of damaging Void Light out of both ends. Smoke Screen: Hold to charge your smoke bomb into a set of three smoke mines that can be scattered over an area. Reduces damage and smoke time. Trapper’s Toolkit: Kills with enemies affected by Snare Bomb recharge your grenade. Grenade kills recharge your Snare Bomb. Path Maker: Lockdown grenades are larger, and have greater offensive range. Flawless Dagger: A single melee that is also a final blow while in Flawless Execution does not remove invisibility. Spectral Spectator: Modifies Spectral Blades to instead send out a Wraith duplicate that seeks out and attacks enemies you damage while the super is active. Could do more for different ways to modify tether but I think tether is the only decent thing that people go to this is class for.

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