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Bearbeitet von Lord Magris: 4/5/2020 9:44:07 AM

Is the Modular Lightning Mod Working Properly?

I started to experiment with the new Worthy mods finally. Saw a YouTube video about Modular Lightning and how it chains Arc energy between a bunch of enemies like a short version of Arc Web. So, I have Modular Lightning and Global Reach equipped on my armor. I can generate the Warmind Cells just fine. But when I collect them to trigger Modular Lightning, well over half of the time nothing happens. It just makes the Arc sound and emits a little shockwave but most of the time enemies around me remain unharmed. I've surrounded myself with an army of Goblins at melee range in an open area and collected the Warmind Cell and even then it rarely worked. Is there an issue with the mod or something? If the information is necessary, I play on Xbox.

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