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Why Cayde's Death Helps The Story

% I've recently been seeing many posts about how Cayde can or should be resurrected. While I agree he did bring some light into the universe of Destiny, Cayde needed to die. Bringing him back will completely f up the story and everyone's character development. Itll be D2 vanilla all over again. Let it go. But why is his death necessary exactly? For starters, Cayde was always known as the jokester of the Destiny universe. The class clown. Whenever someone was in a bad mood Cayde would show up and spout his usual banter and wisecracks and inevitably make everyone's day better. There was literally no one else who could so that on such a level. Even if they didnt show it, people seemed to appreciate Cayde's light heartedness and clumsy demeanor, Ikora being an example. Outside of trying to keep himself from plunging deeper into a state of depression, his personality also saved many other people from that same fate. Now, with Cayde dead, that beacon of light isn't there anymore. What does this mean to the characters of the Destiny universe? It means that now, they have to find happiness and hope by themselves, something that Cayde always provided them easily by just being within their vicinity. It means that everyone has to find their own way to move forward and keep themselves from plunging into darkness. This helps boost everyone's character development ten fold, as now they dont have anyone to rely on that could give them that same satisfaction that Cayde did. Sure the Guardians gives them hope by performing all these "impossible" feats left and right like it's a daily chore, but hope alone isn't gonna be enough to keep someone from becoming as disconnected from human emotions as say Eris, who seems to have been struggling to reconnect for the past 6-7 years after her reemergence. Cayde needs to stay dead. Itll basically make everyone have to challenge themselves to stay afloat and not tip over, therefore testing their own mental stability, and in turn, boosting their mental fortitude without the help of others. SO< LE$T CAY//D6E S##TAY DEA[D!!%^/(($@!% Edit: Er$ro%%$r
#lore #destiny2

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