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12/12/2019 7:10:00 AM

Can we get an OPTION of separate buttons for charged melee and uncharged melee attacks?

Now let's take an example of Crucible gameplay that happened today to me. I shot an enemy until his health turned red and then he jumped above the wall I was standing behind to shotgun/melee me. I anticipated where he will land and used melee knowing that will finish him up, but instead of quick melee I readied to throw my Weighted Dagger and died. The game doesn't understand our intentions and it ends up with this mess. It's mostly prevalent with the new Weighted Knife melee ability as it's the slowest ranged melee in the game, as far as I know. But other melees are not exempt. This happens plenty of times with solar and void Hunter melee abilities and I'm sure Arc Warlocks must be feeling the same. So can we get an option to hotkey separate charged melee from uncharged? Alternatively charged melees could have a different activation. For example, some charged melees could be activated by holding the melee button instead of clicking it. But I know that the way it is now is simply not good.

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