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10/22/2019 12:24:25 AM

New Charity Event - still no reward from the last

So, as Bungie just announced a new Charity event where at certain tiers you can unlock different rewards, I wanted to try my luck reaching out about this again. I donated for the 10$ tier during the St.Jude Charity Stream. Yet I never received a receipt or the actual emblem. I tried to reach out to @BungieHelp, the Community Managers, the forums, Reddit, StJude, GuardianCon and even tried contacting StJude via PayPal. Once I even tired my luck with Bungie Store support, yet of course was redirected to forums or @BungieHelp. I never received an answer from either source. So as there’s a new event on the horizon I thought I’d try getting in touch again. Maybe this time anyone will notice. Thanks for reading

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