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10/16/2019 9:38:15 PM

Malfeasance Quest bugged, disappeared (Has happend to others)

Hi, I'm a returning player from Forsaken, but hadn’t started the quest yet because I never got an Ascendant Servitor to spawn. When I came back for Shadowkeep on the 1st, I picked up the Pursuit from Drifter that had killing one as the first step. Last week, I encountered and killed one in Gambit AND won the match. Nothing dropped for me, and the pursuite is just gone from my inventory, and even after the weekly reset Drifter doesn’t have the pursuit available for purchase anymore. I found at least two other people on reddit who are having the same issue, so it isn't just me. Not sure if this affects it or not, but I picked up the quest on Xbox initially and killed the Servitor on PC the next week. I own all expansions for both platforms, and can confirm the quest was showing up in my PC inventory before that match.

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