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[BNG] Season of the Undying Top Issues & Vital Info - Updated Nov. 18

[quote][b][u]DISCLAIMER[/u][/b] [b]This is not a complete list of all known issues, but a targeted list of specific issues.[/b][/quote] [i]Last Updated: November 18, 2019[/i] --- [b]FESTIVAL OF THE LOST[/b] [quote]• [url=]2.6.1. Patch Notes[/url] • [url=]Festival of the Lost blog page[/url] • [url=]Festival of the Lost Guide[/url] • Owners of [b]2018 Festival of the Lost masks[/b] automatically receive the associated ornaments to be used on the 2019 Festival of the Lost helmet [u]KNOWN ISSUES[/u] [quote] • If a [b]Cabal Scorpius Turret Daemon[/b] falls off the map in the Haunted Forest, it will not be killed and won’t respawn, halting progress. Players will have to wait out the remaining time to collect rewards or return to Orbit and restart the activity. • Players experiencing [b]"insufficient ventilation" errors on Xbox One X[/b] may want to try using the Firewalled version instead. • The [b]Masquerader’s Helmet[/b] for Festival of the Lost does not appear in the [b]player Collections[/b]. Players who wish to keep access to theirs should ensure they do not delete it. • Inspecting another player’s Festival of the Lost mask does not display their [b]event mods[/b]. [/quote][/quote] [b]VITAL INFORMATION[/b] [quote]• [url=]Season of the Undying Top Issues and Vital Information[/url] • [url=]PC Known Issues[/url] [u]GENERAL[/u] [quote] • [b]Season Passes[/b] will be applied to the first account that signs in. If you plan to Cross Save but will use another character set, it's recommended to set up Cross Save before logging in. For more information, [url=]click here[/url]. • [b]Pulling Legendary armor from Collections[/b] will always be Armor 1.0. • The [b]Seasonal Artifact[/b] will always show a player’s own stats when inspecting another player. • [b]Mods[/b] only found on gear won’t be unlocked on accounts until they are reacquired. • [b]Forsaken subclasses[/b] are only available with a Forsaken or Shadowkeep license. • When [b]inspecting a Cross Saved player's friends list[/b], players may see another players gamertag from a different platform. [/quote][/quote] [b]TOP ISSUES BEING INVESTIGATED[/b] [quote] [u]GENERAL[/u] [quote] • Unknown items are taking up [b]Postmaster slots[/b].[/quote] [u]PURCHASES[/u] [quote]• Players whose [b]Forsaken licenses[/b] did not transfer from Blizzard to Steam should retry [url=]PC Migration[/url].[/quote] [u]PC[/u] [quote]• Receiving [b]"Problem Reading Game Content"[/b] errors after [url=]verifying the integrity of game files[/url]. • Various [b]PC Migration[/b] issues reported by players. In the meantime, any player encountering issues should [url=]retry PC Migration[/url]. • [b]Fireteam chat[/b] will not work when Steam is offline. • All [b]offline players[/b] in Clans will not display their name, but instead, will show Offline. • If players [b]create a Fireteam[/b] while Steam is down, other players will never be able to join them[/quote] [u]NEW LIGHT[/u] [quote]• Some [b]players who started D2 right before October 1[/b] will still be at 0 Power when logging in. To resolve this, players will need to delete that character. • Player’s [b]Origin Story and Last Dance weapons[/b] may disappear when completing the Red War mission, “Journey.” • Certain [b]Achievements/Trophies[/b] can only be unlocked by owning Forsaken (third subclass, reaching Dreaming City, 5000 triumph score). • The [b]Show Me What You Got[/b] Achievement/Trophy can’t be unlocked by veteran players with three characters. Players have to delete a character and go through New Light to unlock this.[/quote] [u]DESTINATIONS[/u] [quote]• Transitioning between areas in the [b]Pit of Heresy Dungeon[/b] may result in unintentional character death. • The [b]Tribute Hall[/b] cannot be opened for some players. [/quote] [u]QUESTS[/u] [quote] • Players who Cross Save to a platform where they do not own Forsaken may lose access to the [b]exotic quest for Malfeasance[/b] when they defeat the Ascendant Primeval Servitor. • The “complete ten legendary frames” steps for the [b]Jötunn and Le Monarque Exotic quests[/b] is currently only counting curated weapon drops from Black Armory forges. • [b]Black Armory Keys[/b] cannot be used or deleted if the Mysterious Box quest has already been completed. • If the [b]Firewall quest step[/b] is dismantled after completing Eris' weekly bounty, players have to wait a week before they can obtain a new one. • If the [b]Luna’s Calling weekly quest[/b] is deleted before collecting rewards and the bounty is reclaimed, players will have to wait a week to complete it. • In [b]Redrix’s Broadsword quest step, The Constant[/b], Crucible weekly and additional bounties will not count.[/quote] [u]BOUNTIES[/u] [quote]• Players may intermittently experience [b]delayed loot drops and/or bounty progression[/b]. • Completing [b]Eris’ weekly bounty[/b] before certain quests are acquired will result in players having to wait a week to obtain another weekly bounty.[/quote] [u]TRIUMPHS AND SEALS[/u] [quote]• Some [b]triumphs[/b] will display a progress bar even though only one objective needs to be completed. • The [b]MMXIX Seal[/b] went away for players who met the requirements to obtain it. • The [b]Wisdom of the Witch Triumph[/b] progress won’t count because Pilgrimage patrols from Shuro Chi in the Dreaming City will not complete. • The [b]Show Your Manners Triumph[/b] is not rewarding the Ennead emblem as intended.[/quote] [u]ACTIVITIES[/u] [quote]• The text for the [b]Weekly Vanguard Strikes Challenge[/b] is incorrect. Players should match the elemental singe to progress this Challenge. • Titans in [b]Momentum Control using the Sunbreaker subclass[/b] are unable to throw multiple hammers during their Super. • Certain [b]warnings will appear for Nightfalls[/b] that require players to have certain mods equipped. These warnings don't account for teammates' loadouts.[/quote][/quote]

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