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Bearbeitet von MajorMiner67: 11/19/2018 7:09:26 AM

Why I Prefer Warframe's New Open World to Most of Destiny's

Warframe's Fortuna update is pretty dang cool. The figurehead of the update was the massive new open world that was introduced, the icy cold Orb Vallis. Now, lower your pitchforks, Destiny's open worlds are pretty good most of the time but the Orb Vallis did so much that I wish Bungie would do with their worlds. [b]1. Layout[/b] I dont know why still Bungie favours so heavily having mostly circular, medium sized areas that are connected by corridors. There are some slight exceptions but generally, this is how all the spaces play out. The Orb Vallis is completely open. If you were able to you would see across the entire map from one side. It is so much more engaging, immersive, interesting, and allows you to do so much more. [b]2. Activities[/b] Slowly Bungie are improving this but there is still a long way to go. The dreaming city was incredible, but it took a long time to get there and there's still issues. This is how much you can do anytime, all over the Orb Vallis: Fishing Mining Bounties Capture bases to collect said bounties from Endgame boss fights with the Orbs (Soon) Track animals and capture them Grind [i](literally)[/i] on the hoverboard or generally ride around Partake in races on your board And it has a Grand Theft Auto-like system where you can increase your "wanted" level and make it an insane playground full of enemies Clearly its nothing [i]revolutionary [/i] but when you think about it all you can do in Destiny's worlds is public events, adventures, ride your sparrow, collect materials, explore lost sectors, and smaller events like high value targets. The issue is that so many of these things are once off activities, while everything you are doing on the Orb Vallis is helping you in someway whether its overall standing or all sorts of materials. [b]3. Traversal [/b] Sparrows are -blam!-ing boring. There, I said it. Sure, aesthetically they have improved greatly over time but the core mechanics have [b]never[/b] changed. Now, I'm not going to state that Warframe's flying system the Archwing is fantastic or perfect to use but it is so much fun in this destination, and so much better than running everywhere or riding your same sparrow one metre above the floor. The K-Drives (hoverboards) are immensely fun and definitely faster than sparrows are making them meaningful for traversal. You can always be doing tricks and grinding on rails as well to increase your standing to get better boards [b]4. Bounties[/b] They get repetitive quite quickly in Warframe but they add so much more and now allow so much variety in the way you execute it. Now with the addition of challenges to your bounty they are far more engaging and sometimes challenging than "Kill 10 Vex" [b]5. Challenge[/b] The Orb Vallis is super low level when you first step in which allows you to do things like fishing or tracking with ease, however you can always make it as challenging as you want with higher level bounties or the wanted system. Destiny's destinations are stuck at Baby Easy Mode besides its activities. Also, having only 5 lives for each visit to the open world makes it far more engaging and sometimes extremely dangerous, as you can lose all your progress for your time in the destination. [b]6. Visual Appeal[/b] Destiny clearly far succeeds Warframe in graphical detail, lighting, etc but they continue to mostly design such standard, boring worlds. The Orb Vallis has so much height and interesting design and unique areas you find that it baffles me how Bungie could make a destination like Io or Titan. I'm not here to ruin your day or screech that Warframe is better, I hate both games just as much at times, I mostly just did this for myself. You can check my playtime I clearly love Destiny, their open words are just so poorly mishandled (Again, besides the Dreaming City, mostly)

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