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9/19/2019 3:59:26 AM

Buffing crap exotics

Adding new exotics is important to a dlc, but never tweaking the ones that truly suck is honestly disappointing. I know that tomorrow might gives us some news on this, as no armor was covered last week so I suspect some this week, but I'm going to take a crack at it again because I'm bored. Ps, exotics should not be this all powerful item we equip, exotics should have some that are gimmicky and so I won't be changing the gimmicky ones unless they absolutely blow. Imma start with the warlocks side since they seem to be suffering through the crap exotics they have (keep in mind I'm not going to requote what the exotic does but directly state the changes I think would be cool and unless I say otherwise, assume they keep their original effects). Putting them in spoilers to reduce the size of the post, in case you don't care to read a specific classes. Warlock time (bath time): [Spoiler]Vesper of radius: Holding the button to activate rift mid air causes you to slam down and drop your rift, damaging enemies in a radius 1.5x the size of the rift. Killing enemies with your rift grants rift energy. (Remember, keeps it's current effect). Nezarec's Sin: Grants increased super recharge rate for getting void kills. Increase the rate at which you regenerate grenade, melee, and rift energy when you get kills with void (I don't know the current percents, forgive me). Skull of Dire Ahamkara (rework): Grant super energy upon getting kills with nova bomb. If you replenish 50% or more of your super bar, apply a debuff that reduces the super energy gain from this exotic next time you cast nova bomb (does not stack and will not reapply until the following 50%+ regen nova bomb). Grant increased damage resistance while in nova bomb. Gain increased ability recharge while nova bomb is on cooldown. Sanguine Alchemy (rework): Activating a rift delivers benefits of both rifts at the cost of power (meaning slower healing, but also a weaker empowerment). When enemies are critically wounded by the user, apply a marker to them that stays active for as long as they are critical. If you kill the marked target, grant the user an enhanced radar and rift energy (5% per kill in pve, 25% in pvp). The Stag (rework): Increased rift regeneration. When critical, greatly increase rift regeneration speed. Upon death, drop a healing rift or empowering rift (depending on which you have selected) for your allies and fully restore their class ability energy if they are close to the warlock that perished. Wings of Undeniable Garbage (sacred dawn...rework): Grant an improved icarus dash while dawnblade is equipped (not to the super, just to your normal guardian). The improved icarus dash has a 25% shorter cool down and will reset the cool down upon being critical, if it is on cooldown (sorry if I worded this wrong, basically it will let you use it again if you dash, then fall into critical, with the key word of critical, so it's not constantly restoring itself). Aiming with weapons in the air suspends you for a short time and weapon damage/hits (one or the other, doesn't matter which comes first) extends it's duration. Grant faster handling speeds while in the air. Verity's Brow: Non-elemental kills grant you and nearby allies a boost to grenade and melee energy recharge rate for 10 seconds. Getting kills with elemental damage (solar, void, or arc weapons, abilities, etc) grants a flat bump in ability cool down to you and all allies. (like an instant 5% per kill in pve, and 15% in crucible). Getting ability kills restore ammo to the magazine from reserves (meaning you would have to get kills with the activation of well of radiance and not simply stand in it and get kills). That should take care of the bottom of the barrel warlock exotics.[/spoiler] Hunter time...doesnt quite roll off the tongue as well as hammer does (Remember, unless I say otherwise, they keep their old effects): [spoiler] Young Ahamkara's Spine: Getting a kill (any, don't care with what) grants a stack that lasts for 15 seconds (does not refresh until after the timer is over). This stack grants an empowering buff to your tripmine grenades That is consumed upon throwing it (if you throw the grenade with 1 second left on the stack, don't worry, so long as you consume the stack on the tripmine it will last for as long as the tripmine does). An empowered tripmine has increased damage and improved sticking capabilities, allowing it to stick to enemies to ensure full damage (this idea is inspired by thorn. Give it back it's pre-nerf d1 power...but with a restriction to prevent spamming, thus creating what resembles balance). not sure what else to do for hunters. The next worst thing I could possibly think of is mechaneers and the aeon gear...but I'm going to avoid touching those...the rest are gimmicky, but not entirely worthless. I don't know how to handle khepris sting either.[/spoiler] Titan time (can't touch this): [spoiler] (Again, remember they don't lose their current abilities unless I state otherwise). One-Eyed Mask: Less ugly. Actium War Rig: Now works with heavy machine guns and magically works with trace rifles. Auto reload machine guns, trace rifles and auto rifles when they are in the holster from reserves (literally just auto reloading holster for these 3 weapon types). Grant increased reload speed to these 3 weapon types. Crest of Alpha Lupi: Every 5 seconds release a healing pulse from the titans barricade. If you are healed by the barricade, grant class ability energy. Extra orbs generated by supers give a damage buff to allies for 10 seconds (15%). Ashen Wake: Grant grenade and super energy on fusion grenade kills. [/spoiler] I enjoy making posts like this so if you want me to take a second crack, or for the hunters do a better job, I'll do it. For hunters I wasn't sure what to do and having done this all in one sitting, you can see where the majority of my brain went to. Thank you for your time.

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